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Your Satisfaction, Our Priority.

Every project we deliver is carefully crafted to your exact requirements. We clearly map out your scope of work before any work begins. This way there are no surprises, financially or time-wise.

Taking the time to properly understand your needs is a non-negotiable and the “secret” to our success. Here are a few services that we are able provide for you. If in doubt, feel free to ask if we are able to facilitate a particular need. At the very least, we can make a few recommendations.


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Website Design

We treat business websites less like an art gallery and more like a grocery store. You know how when you walk in to Superstore, you’re greeted by the smell of baking? Or how all the staples are at the back so that you have to walk the length of the store? A website can be set up similarly to get your customers to take the actions you want. Whether your customers buy online, or require in-person meetings to close, our sites will increase your revenue hands down.

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Lack of communication is the single biggest source of pain for most business owners. Not being able to get your point across to a would-be customer sucks. Lost revenue, flared tempers and that all familiar question, “Why do I even do this?”. 

Fortunately, this problem can be resolved with proper content.  After a little research, we can help you speak your customers’ language. We write copy for your site, blogs, ads and just about every form of marketing communication.

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Odds are you can think of 3 activities that are crucial to your business that you’d rather not be doing. Some owners try to solve this problem by outsourcing only to lose money and time training a dud. 

We help you automate these trivial tasks so that you can get back to taking care of business. This is why some people seem to have more hours in a day than others: they use technology.

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Sales Materials

Anyone who’s lived off commission will tell you that anything that helps them close a sale is more than welcome. Having come from that world has definitely impacted our business perspective.  

We create not only presentations, e-mails and ads but also lesser used materials like sales maps, pricing calculators and beautiful proposals that guarantee your outcome. 

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Graphic Design

Upside Studio will help you create beautiful, bold graphics that will inspire emotion in your customers. Business cards, flyers, brochures, postcards, logos and more.

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For people really looking to take their business to the next level, we offer an in-depth look into your business, target audience, industry and competitors in order to help identify any opportunities you might be missing out on.

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put your best face forward

Present your business in its best light.

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